I was running away as a criminal

Date: 11/11/2017

By coll23

It started with me running across a road with seven clones of my dogs. I was some sort of criminal that my family wanted nothing to do with. I don't know what I was running away from. As I kept running down the road, four of the dogs were run over and killed. One of them was run over and I ran over to save him. I decided in my dream that I should go meet my family. I ran with the dog I saved in my arms and once I got closer to the house I started walking. I walked through a corridor with Windows and saw my family playing a sport. Something was off about my reflection. My hair seemed messy and I had no dog in my arms. My cousins met me at the door and said I shouldn't go in. It was like a director's studio. As I exited this director's studio, I entered my house. I saw my dad and told him what had gone down. When he heard the part about me saving the dog, he said , in a sort of disappointed fashion, " I honor you". I woke up crying in real life because of how vivid this dream was.