Date: 5/30/2017

By sophius_black

The last dream was of a married gay couple and family. One of the fathers was a big gay man and he had really bad cancer. He basically just lived in the hospital room. He had to take a very large assortment of pills up his butt and each one was put up with a small bit of chocolate (I don't even know) He was worried that if his husband came in he thought it was something weird. Then his husband came in with their baby son and he saw the tray of pills, chocolate wrappers, and his husband bent over the table with his pants down and he asked jokingly "is this some kind of porno?" Then he just asked what he should get for the party he was going to tonight cause he forgot the dessert. He decided to try and find thee same chocolates that the nurse was suing with his butt pills. I changed perspective constantly between the three throughout that bit.