Emu Wrestling

Date: 7/15/2017

By dumbblonde13

I had two separate dreams last night, but I cannot remember the first one at all now. In this second dream, I saw some cops taking things out of one cars trunk and putting them in another. It was like clothes and such. We asked what they were doing, and they said they were going to "armadillo". Before this could happen, the cops became firefighters. I remember walking with them to like a little outdoor bar in a park. It was set up for some kind of festival in the park, but literally only like 5 people came. We saw a kid getting chased by a little girl, and he asked the firefighters for help. We joked about how thats not even an emergency. One of the firefighters said he had a soft spot for pets and would always go to a call for a cat emergency, even if it was a fake call like "my cat is drowning in a tree". We got to the little bar, and the firefighter asked my mom to fill out this form about all the people who were coming today, with like age, name, etc. My mom spent like 30 minutes filling out this basic form and then I realized half of what she did was wrong. I laughed, erased the form, and then said I would fill it out. Strangely, I spent like 2 hours trying to fill out this form. My brain would not let my hand write the correct information. I finally got it though. The firefighter turned on the radio, and it was playing Christmas music even though it was July. He then left to go back to the festival, where he was dressed up as the armadillo (or something like that), set on a rotisserie, and lit on fire. Throughout this festival, my dog and cat had been running around. Then, this angry emu appeared out of nowhere. I knew that he was going to eat my cat. I got on top of him, and was dragging him around the festival, which by the way, nobody came to. I dragged him towards the armadillo firefighter to show him I needed help. He jumped off the rotisserie, shed the outfit, and went to go get an animal catcher type tool. He came back and helped me wrestle this emu to the ground, where we used a metal bracket to put around his neck and secure him to the ground (humanely). Then the firefighter walked me to his bungalow, and showed me that he had locked by dog and cat in his bathroom. He told me they weren't allowed back, because they had peed on the floor to much. I let the dog run out, and held the cat, giving her water to drink like a baby. We walked back outside, and suddenly the festival was full of people.