getting shot at by friend

Date: 8/26/2017

By lesbolivia

first i was in the countryside and for some reason i walked - w/o makeup or shorts - to a place pretty near our house because they had horses. a girl who worked there told me to go home and ask if i could keep 10 bowls from ikea she wanted to give me. something about a video game and therr were two doors and in front of one there was a rat with cookie crumbs and i helped it up to the attic through the left door and there were two poor kids eating cinnamon buns also sofia from my class was on HER and liked me bc she was 'bi-curious' then i was late to daniels because i overslept i think? and also i was gonna do a facemask at his place then me, alice, william, daniel and astrid were going to buy alcohol etc on astrids request (and william was gonna pay) and eventually i managed to ask her what the fuck she needed stuff for BUT ONLY AFTER SHE FUCKING SHOT AT ME to test the gun which she needed to buy bc there was a killer around then we bought cheese doodles and it was fine