Date: 6/9/2019

By Cuaiire

I dreamt that I was in trying to stay at my parents house for some reason and than my phone was confiscated by them and that I can't msg y'all. Then I was sleeping, I felt my dog and cats sleeping with me until I felt one of my brother legs under me like trying to make use of me like a blanket.(I think it was Kenneth) Than I move them away, but THAN DONALD, was sleeping behind me, I keep on fighting with him as I can't move but than I knew I was moving . That's when I took over and realized that it must be dream how can I be sleeping in my parents house. I can't see shit until I open my eyes and saw Donald creepily looking at me from behind me , I only can move my eyes and looked at him behind me as my hands fought him until he got third hand and grabbed my body and squeeze dehell out of me in pain. I show him and my fking fan and I was like dehell when my room got standing fan than I fking woke up in pain looking at my curtain and my fan, fking curtain shaped in the face of Donald and I think my blanket was wrapped in me fking hell I this mean I slept with my eyes open