wild dream

Date: 1/16/2017

By iamMartinez!

It was a large gathering of people. Acquaintances sleeping over. My young wife and I could hear from the other room a couple moaning and i knew then that the walls were thin and everything was audible. So next thing i know were in the living room having sex. She was very excited and i found that to be even more arousing. I turned her around and she yelled not through the back and then she came up to perform oral instead. We were loud and boisterous with no regard what so ever for the folks sleeping in the house. So morning time came and we were all in the kitchen just having a morning chat and I couldn't help noticing the look on people's faces. I knew they knew. The ladies seemed impressed by what they heard. The men seemed less amused. Perhaps because by that time in the dream the girl turned out to be one of the men's daughters. He didn't seem too happy. Later in the dream I noticed some one had broken all my wine glasses from the stem. I asked and I was told it had been one of the kids.