The museum

Date: 4/2/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

So I went to this museum with Matthew. Cristiana sent me a screen of the opening hours. It was a very very dark room with a fake swimming pool you can enter in (a real artwork) but he didn't want to enter. He said he just wanted to look from afar. At a certain point I was playing the piano with Sara, both of use were trying to play a D flat descending scale, she didn't succeed and wouldn't let me try at first. She was kind of angry with me. She looked at me in hatred, then left. Then a fat guy said something to a person dressed formally, like a boss or something. About an Hamburger "wall" he had to taste, he said he was in the truck and invited him to open the trunk and he then approached the "wall" (three hamburgers on top of each other, with descending diameter, the first being the size of an egg. The guy then yelled: "NO! YOU CAN'T LIFT THE WALL ALONE" and then two guys which were closed in the trunk with the "wall" and the other meat looked at him as if they wanted to eat him alive. They were bald, with muscular bodies, really thin skin, big veins(you could see a lot of them), strange underwear-like clothes and they were sitting​ in a corner.