A Simple Day at School

Date: 5/3/2017

By CookieMonster

In a class very unlike any I've seen before with colorless walls and insufficient light emitting from lower sunlight, I couldn't really tell much of anything. I just knew I had to get to class but my class wasn't in the room. They waited just outside walking around in different directions going to different destinations. I didn't like how I felt. I felt alone. I felt confused and no one else seemed to feel quite the same way. Then I was swept from the floor and into to the arms of that one welcomed sight. I gasped when he picked me up and playfully shoved his shoulder exclaiming, "Why did you do that? You almost gave me a heart attack!" "Because I couldn't have you walking around all dazed and confused all day long." "Whatever." Attempting to mask how embarrassed I was that he saw that. And that's how we spent our time. He took me up refusing to let go and I didn't feel alone anymore. I was happy, really happy.