Date: 10/11/2021

By DreamWeirdo

I was going to the movie theatre with my Mom and sister. We were going to watch a movie that was really good. Everyone was talking about it. We then were forced to be in some human trafficking by these men who were following us. We were cornered. My mom and sister were behind me and I began running for help only to find out that they were guys just up ahead of me. We go to the facility to where they were at and there were so many people there. It was like a big parking lot with so many people. We had to blend in and figure out an escape. I remember in the dream running from them to a house where this couple was smoking meth. We avoided them and eventually things took a violent turn as one of them was getting crazy and one of us hit them in the head. In a heroic way, when we distracted our captors, we phone the police. They came and we left. I remember going back to work and my boss asking me that I needed to figure out how to get a map of the park. I was distracted by my phone and Tina who was randomly there or I was on the phone with her. That’s all I remember.