Sarah W: And The Truth Comes Out

Date: 8/10/2017

By SHeesch26

I'm downtown Madison (although the number of people and the vibe make it seem bigger, ~15,000 people?) and I'm trying to get plastered but time is moving super quickly (yet feels like a drag). I'm looking for someone behind the bar but don't see them. Then a girl next to me starts chatting me up, little would you know it's Sarah W, and she seems pretty interested. She's talking about how she needs one more drink but it's getting late (my watch had jumped from like 12:30 to 2:59 in an instant) then gets close and whispers that we should find one of my buddies' place to stay at. Suddenly she's getting a little frisky under the table but she stops when the bartender stops by quick. Suddenly we're in the Brown House (on Blanche) but it's organized different (smaller, living room on the north side and stairs on the west wall behind the living room, White Walls, lots of big windows). She's sitting at a table for 2 and I lean over and kiss her repeatedly (and in a playful way with multiple little kisses) and we're making small conversation about being together. Then I sat down in front of the TV and was flipping through the channels and I woke up.