Susan's house

Date: 3/21/2017

By kaylanw

It started at food city with Chris and Tiffany and idk what I was doing there ... I was in an arcade while she was getting a cake or something. I found lots of coins and Keegan was there and my mom randomly appeared. Then I was at my aunts house but he hallway was long and looked scary and there were no lights on. I remember not wanting to sleep I this room with my mom. I don't know why but there was probably something bad in there. After a min she went to get some stuff and I got cut with a razor blade and she knew and saw but just ignored it. And I attacked her then felt bad and told her I wanted to leave and go home and she agreed to take me to therapy The dream switched gears and I was still at this house but Susan came in and tried to help with our bedsheets cause we were being our then my mamaw fell out of her chair and it was staged but she told metro call 911 so I did . Obviously Tyler lived there too because he was in the den and when I walked over to him my mamaw went to the living room but he smirked at me and I Remember saying "don't give me that look" and he was like "that was so staged" and the ambulance got there after I put tape on this girls face in her contour areas and my mamaw jumped in the ambulance and it left. Joyce chased a gay boy. Then from then it was like story mode it was like two differnat types of people as neighbors I was near the creek with my mom and sisters and Tyler and I had a cute t shirt on the maroon one and he kept looking over at me we were in bikinis but I had a cover up on. Then as weird as it is he'd rove by in his blazer like 5 blazers went by and Austin Hayes was driving his and then Chris popped up and said let's go. I said yea but first I need a bra and a book ? So I went inside up the road because we were a bit of ways walking from that spot and Haley and Cheyenne were there and rocks fell on us in this little right creek space. I was at the school and helped some girl get a book or look for one and then I had a coke and walked into a class and Jamie Howell was there and I spilt a little. It of coke on the monitor chords but he didn't notice and then I got my bra on and pants and was ready to go in the school bathroom. And I woke up