maddie Marconi, flying chairs, gray vegetables

Date: 7/16/2017

By pheeniealexandra

So me and a bunch of people were in this circle stuck in chairs outside in some sort of desert. And this bad man was putting little black plugs in their noses and ears so they couldn't talk or breathe, it was a slow torture. I could like see myself but it wasn't me I was some lanky teenage boy and I was kinda circling around this circle. And the bad guy suddenly tells me he wants me to operate the flying of the chair (bc he can't) and bother the people but pinching and pulling at them. But instead I made my chair so it flew and freed my family and most of the people there. Later My family was in the kitchen with a bunch of Arden people cleaning harvested wool and vegetables but the vegetables were light in weight and gray. The government was causing this. The government had also made it rain even though there was a drought kind of? Like it was misting outside even though it wasn't supposed to. Linda had this big squash and I held it and it was soo big but so small in weight. And it was supposed to get worse. So mommy said we should travel to where it was really bad because it should get better soon and it'll get really bad at our house soon. Daddy didn't want to but I agreed with mommy so we went. And we drove down to the beach. As I was walking outside some girl came up to me and began talking to me and messing with me in a BFF kind of way and then she was like I gotta go "should I walk you home?" And I said no gimme your number instead. So she wrote her number in the notes of my phone. And started talking about how she had to meet her four poppops. Then we ended up kinda the entrance to another nice beach. We looked for this girls four poppops and then I ran into Michael and his entire family was lining up in this sand pit and his Mommom got the end and that was a given and I remembered that from a bunch of years ago and I made sure she had it and she was impressed. And then I was in the bathroom of the beach and tons of brandywine and concord girls were there and you had to get out by walking up this staircase and then go through the ceiling tiles and it was dangerous and I had trouble. And Nicole Fontana was just like chilling on top of the stalls taking selfies and she said hey. And then Maddie Marconi was there and she and I exchanged gifts? I gave her thus blanket that apparently when I first met her someone had taken it away and thrown it outside and I kept it to give to her. And she gave me some sort of shell. And I met one of her older brothers. Then she took me to see her room and it was like alexs old one but light blue and bigger. It had a bunch of upper bunk beds that were only half there along the wall and a bunch of different sizes. Then she had a bunch of weird bookshelves. And then in the middle was these old fashion cot bunk beds with books on them? And her bed in the corner. And she had those little closets like three or four of those in the wall. And she showed me her scrapbook and it was matte pictures and I asked how because Walgreens you have to send away for that, and she said she got hers from boscovs. Also her scrapbook was more like a photo album, she also was planning on adding this Twitter fight she had that jake was involved in into it. And I was in it a bunch it was cool. And then I woke up.