Old man in vertical row of hospital beds

Date: 7/25/2020

By Purple

In my dream there was a really annoying person who was going along an infinite line of beds for patients in a hospital. They were head to toe, head to toe, like a string of wieners. LOL! There were no private rooms and no double beds. The hospital bed seemed to go on forever. They were many patients along this row of beds. It seems that this girl was visiting patient after patient even though she did not know them. (Could it have been me, and I was observing myself at the same time?) She came across an older man and asked if she can pass him. He was angry and appalled and said no. He wanted to know how did she get in to his room. And how is there no door to his room? He asked her to leave his room, without appearing rude but also wanting to appear indignant. He was asking where was a nurse to help him. Someone explained to him that he was in one long bed, and there are no longer private rooms. The man was surprised and annoyed.