What happens in Dreamland...

Date: 1/18/2020

By Lottie

While I was visiting my friends, Leo and Danny, Leo had to see a concert with his friend, so I was to stay behinds with Danny (both these boys are transmen). So I am left in the guest room to my own devices while Danny watches TV in the living room. Eventually I get bored and horny and decide to go out and bother him, knowing we both have crushes on each other, and make each other wet all the time. I go and talk to him for a bit, putting on my best "sexy voice". I put my hand on his thigh, he bit his lip. I brought it up to his cl*t and he got nervous and said "I don't lock the doors at night, so Leo can just come in at any moment" - I didn't really care much about having to stop because Leo came home, and Danny was clearly very excited, so without a word I spread Danny's legs and started eating him out. The noises he made were incredible. As expected, Leo came home early and I had to wipe Danny's wet mess off my face and pretend nothing had happened, and I never got to make him finish.