Morphed School and Mean Cats

Date: 5/12/2017

By LionFoot65

I wake up at 4am without an alarm yet again👌🏼. I meditate for about 15 min and it takes me quite a bit to fully relax to sleep so my mind goes to sleep before my body lol. First Scene: Im in my house and there's this beautiful girl on my couch and my dad starts talking to me for hours (as he always does) and he tells me that her name is Amanda and that she is my half sister. I look at her while my dad is talking and she looks back at me as like she wants me which I think is sexy lol. I think I talked to her some but I forgot what we said. Next Scene: Im at this mutation of a place that's a combination between my high school and the elementary school that I work day care at. Im having a really vivid dream because it feels and looks more like real life than other dreams. Im also able to remember more of my dreams maybe because I meditate. Im in this room where there's a big flat screen tv that has the video game FIFA soccer ⚽️ on the XBox. I start playing as the referee somehow and start giving everyone red cards sp that chaos ensues in the and all the players start slide tackling each other which I think is funny as hell. After that Im in this classroom where Im supposed to be doing my work but I have 4tabs on the browser and Im reading an article that talks about how we are all individually and collectively the Indian God known as Brahma (which means the universe) and that we all Brahma experiencing itself individually and collectively through all the consciousness that exists in the universe/Brahma herself. The article also said that is possible to experience our life from the loving point of view of Brahma because that is what was meant when Jesus and Buddha became enlightened/awakened and the way to enlightenment according to Buddha is to let go of all attachments because Brahma isn't attached to anything. While Im in that room, there is this guy named Flynn who looked like a mix between my friends Wyatt and Chase which I think is funny. Flynn somehow makes a paper ninja star and throws it at the wall and it sticks which I think is really cool. After that Im at my work where I take care of kids and the two sweetest kids start crying a little so I wipe their tears and say kind words to them. After that, I go upstairs and I go to this room which seems to represent the naked girls in my mind lol. There seems to be something rather dark about it too. While Im there, I start getting texts for help from friend who is a girl about how this guy is creeping her out by moving closer to her. I plan to respond to her but Im busy at the moment. I then go outside and this small kid with glasses and some kind of origami figure that I think looks cool offers me a ride on the back of this truck. I feel adventurous so I get in even tho I don't even know who the driver is lol. When I get in the origami kid starts explaining and showing me how his origami works since it can change into many shapes he also tells me that there's something special he wants to make but he can't quite figure out how. I ask him if I can try so he gives it to me and I manage to make him a fortune teller and he takes it with gratitude right before we get off. When we get off, the driver gets off and I realize it was my friend Brandon driving all along and we greet each other. After those dreams I wake up at 6am and start meditating for 15 minutes again and go back to sleep faster this time. Next Scene: After that, I remember that this shady man and girl are talking and the shady guy tries to steal something from her and she finds out and manages to get away from him. Next Scene: Im walking down the hallway in my school and I see big cats like panthers or something in the hallway. I avert my gaze and walk past it respectfully knowing that if I run, it's more than likely gonna chase me and kill me. As I walk past it I see that it gets smaller and turns into an African cat with longish ears which also look fancy. Then I see that it starts following this little kid and pounces on him. At that point I go into the classroom which has elementary kids and a teacher and try to get the cat off me while it scratches and bites me. I ask the teacher if she could help me (cause it really did feel really painful in the dream) but instead she just sits there for a while then calls the police while all the other kids are just silent with fear or something. I finally manage to get the crazy cat off the kid which I noticed wrapped the kid with white strings with nails at the end. After that a friend or staff takes the cat away from me and befriends it and calms it down and I just tell him that I don't understand why that cat was so mean to me lol.