sleep paralysis (so not exactly a dream hahaha)

Date: 6/26/2016

By laramc

I 'woke up' around 3-4am and just lay there with open eyes, as I usually do when I wake up in the middle of the night, just to take in the dark and the silence because I find it fascinating. I hadn't tried to move yet, nor did I need to. Then in the corner of my eye I see a silhouette. A tall, dark man with some sort of hat on. I try to turn my head to look at what I thought was a trick of my eyes, but I could not move. It suddenly got harder to breathe and I started sweating, the more I tried to move the harder it got, the man was still there. If things couldn't get worse,mi came to the realisation that this figure was standing in my doorway, that was partially lit, he was not standing in a dark corner where your eyes could play tricks on you. It made everything feel so real. I only just realised I was having a dream, or rather, sleep paralysis. So I told myself to calm down, breathe, even though the figure was still there and so realistic. I focused on moving my fingers, I thought that the whole point of sleep paralysis was being paralysed, so if I can move, it will go away. So I started to move my fingers. In the time it took to try and move I lost consciousness that I was dreaming and I thought this was real again. I could move a bit now. So I tried to scream, I screamed at the top of my lungs but nothing came out. No noise. Then the man spoke, something I didn't know possible in sleep paralysis, I'm not sure if this is sleep paralysis anymore, it pushed the boundaries I thought were there. He told me I'd never be able to get anyone's attention, I'm not loud enough. I tried to keep on screaming though. That's the last I remember, I don't remember if I woke up of fell asleep screaming, crying and sweating.