under the earth

Date: 6/9/2019

By theoniichan

I was going with 2 of my friends to defeat a cursed/ ghost that's been leaving in the underground village, some people that live there let us in, in secret. The underground people didn't like people from the surface. Went to our own respective rooms and when I entered the room it was like if there was a whole house with land inside, like if I got transported to a spa. first thing I did was explore the area and saw a big floor level pool, I took all my clothes off and entered the pool. Then a few minutes later my other friends joind the same way and a girl that let us in the village joined in too. She touched my friend's penis to get it hard then she analyzed it, then she went to me and did the same and says "I got something for you two". She stands up and takes out a fake penis type thing and cuts two peaces and puts one in my penis and the other in my friend's penis, then she says just wait for it and our penises were groing but starting to change its shape and.... (that's where I woke up)