Date: 2/3/2017

By psyche

me and kyle ended up in this strange complex. it was huge and there were lots of people there. i'm not sure what we were doing there but we had some clothes and stuff packed so i guess we were prepared to stay there for a while. we were showed to our room which seemed to be in the upper floors of this place. i think there were like 100 floors or something crazy like that. the upper floors were nicer than the others and had a carpeted floor and nice rooms and seemed to be reserved for the elite. we overheard some bedraggled looking people complaining about how it wasn't fair that we got to stay up there. it gets a bit fuzzy here but i think they put us to work and we saw what the rest of the place looked like. it was dirty and so were the people working there.. they looked like they were being forced to work there. to get around we had to climb on rickety wooden ladders and platforms and no one was allowed to leave.. we realized something weird was going on and the next thing i remember was some sort of bomb threat so i ran out of the building into the parking lot (i didn't know where kyle was at this point) i was running very slow around the perimeter of the lot trying to decide if i was far enough away from the building. then i saw a low stone wall and jumped over it and took cover on the other side. the bomb exploded taking w it the top half of the building. i found kyle who had also taken cover behind the wall and we debated just leaving right then. for some reason we couldn't leave and we just ended back in the complex. i guess whoever was in charge decided there was plenty of building left to keep working so everyone carried on w their business. the next thing i remember is them telling us that me and kyle couldn't stay in the same room anymore and they took him somewhere else.. they did something to him like brainwashed him or hypnotized him or something so he barely recognized me and did everything they said. they made me work in a section of the complex on the bottom floor that was a little grocery store type thing. we had obviously been demoted. a friend that i had made told me to write little notes to kyle to secretly communicate w him so i did that when he came to the grocery store. then i got a note from him telling me to meet him in the parking lot. i abandoned my cash register and ran outside. i saw my grandpa out there standing by his car w kyle in the passenger seat. i ran over and dove into the car telling my grandpa to drive. i guess kyle had been either faked being brainwashed to fool them or had snapped out of it but he was back to normal. i asked if he had gotten my stuff and he said yes although technically it should have been destroyed when the bomb exploded. i was so nervous we were gonna get caught and kept looking over my shoulder as we were driving to see if anyone was after us. my grandpa got on the freeway and was driving a bit recklessly which also made me nervous. we had gotten pretty far and were exiting into 59 when he takes the curve too fast and drives off the edge of the freeway. we're in a free fall when all of a sudden me and kyle end up back in the complex like this is some sort of sick joke. i can't remember exactly what happens next but eventually we escape again and this time we're on foot. we're running from some sort of authority and they're gaining on us. we run into an alley and there's a door on either side at the end the one on the right is locked but the one on the left was open. we ran inside and it was pitch black but it seemed like a home that hadn't been lived in in a while. we ran up lots of stairs and through lots of rooms, feeling the wall so we knew where we were going. all of a sudden we burst into the room on the top floor and there's a small amount of light shining in so we can see what's up there. in the room was a bunch of little kids and a woman. it seemed like she was squatting there because it was very dirty and didn't seem very lived in. we were really surprised but the woman agreed to hide us. there wasn't really anywhere to hide but we laid down flat on the other side of the large inflatable bed in the middle of the room. a couple of the people chasing us ran into the room and we were afraid this would be it but then the children started singing a very eerie song and the people turned around and left as fast as they could. someone else came into the room but the song didn't work on them and the woman was scared until we realized it was a friend of ours named ben (who's ben?) and he was very happy to see us. then ian came in for some reason and joined the cuddle puddle we had going. we stayed w the woman for a little while and then i woke up and that's all i remember