Zombie Apocalypse

Date: 3/23/2017

By unearthedoxx

I started off driving when I suddenly seen what looked like dead people walking around . I freaked out & drove to get my family to a safe place . Most of the dream we were on the run moving from place to place to find a safe place to stay . There was a point in my dream where I was forced to leave behind my sister . I remember having my dad with me and him telling me it's too late and we just ran to the car . Our hideout was raided by zombies . In the end I ended up in an apartment with a gun in hand listening for any noise by the door . There were people there I didn't recognize . My world felt like it was ending but I wasn't going down without a fight . Somebody left the door open & I quickly shut it close . It made a loud sound . I was afraid I drew attention to us but it seemed okay . I heard the people in the apartment below us . It seemed like some of them got infected because I heard yelling and things being thrown around . I knew the time to fight was coming . I gripped my gun so tightly it started to feel like an extension of myself . I didn't dare sleep . Morning was coming soon and I was ready