I was undercover with friends as a maid at a castle

Date: 7/29/2019

By ItsABlackCat

For some reason, me and some friends (all girls) had to go undercover as workers at this big castle. Me and JC were both maids, we just cleaned. I can’t remember the entire dream but there are certain ‘scenes’ I remember. The first thing we did was go find some other maids and try to mimic what they were doing. There were these panels in the walls that were secretly doors to closets, they had all sorts of cleaning tools in them, along with maid outfits. We put on a maid outfit and JC put on the shoes, I kept my tennis shoes on. Then we just started cleaning. Eventually we passed this room where there were a bunch of people, mostly girls, chained up and bound, laying on the ground. The floor of the room was like a cage, you could walk over top of the girls so to speak and see them below your feet. There were some royal-looking people watching from on top of this cage-floor as a strict-looking general guy whipped the people in chains. Next thing I remember is when we saw the king. There was no queen, only a king and his young son. The throne room was huge, marble, and almost completely empty. The floor was a luscious, but dull carpet. At the very back, in the center, was the king. The throne was simple and white, almost a normal chair except for the size, which was bigger and wider than a normal chair. The king was a middle-aged looking man, with no flaws of any kind. He reminded me of white diamond from SU. He had a perfectly shaped black beard that was close-cut to his face, and didn’t come past the bottom of his chin. He also had a mustache in the same kind of neat manner. His eyes were piercing bluish gray, and I remember thinking that I did NOT wanna piss that dude off. We were cleaning the carpet to the side of the throne room, the stairs where people came into the throne room. I remember it was just the king and two of his guards in the room, he was just sitting there, saying nothing, not moving. Then a few minutes later the king’s son came around, he was young (like five maybe) and was playing with toys, running wildly around the throne room. He got mud on the carpet so we had to get a bunch of cleaning tools, I grabbed this dusted looking thing and replaced my shoes with the maid ones. It was very hard to scrub out of the carpet. The next thing I remember is me and JC going to the room with the chained-up people and the cage-floor. We sat on top and listened to the general-looking dude talk and whip the people. I felt bad for them but we couldn’t do anything. Then JC’s phone went off, everyone stopped and stared and the general was looking scary pissed. She fumbled with it and couldn’t turn it off, after like thirty seconds even I tried to stop it but some stupid song kept playing from her phone even when I like silenced it and everything. I quickly said ‘sorry sir, we are maids for the king, this is his he must be getting a call’ and he said ‘well if that strange device is the king’s business, I guess it’s alright’ and we ran out of the room. When we got out it finally turned off. My heart was pounding and my face was red. The final thing I remember is when we were on break, we were going by and restocking the secret panels. I saw a bunch of royal-looking people, mostly ladies in like full ball gowns and hair done up and everything. They were in a touristy looking shop. I spotted this red-headed girl who was kind of looking at me and she was really cute. JC noticed me looking and was like ‘let’s go say hi, you two were totally looking at each other!’ and so we go in and I find her and say hi. I try and flirt with her casually, and although she’s obviously one of those straight girls, she seems kinda into it. I remember thinking, ‘this girl probably doesn’t even know what being lesbian is.’ We walk upstairs and continue talking and I learn that she just broke up with her boyfriend because he ‘didn’t feel right’ and I was, in my head, like ‘yep she’s totally a lesbian and doesn’t know it.’ I manage to ask her what she’s doing later, she says she doesn’t really know and that she just got to the castle, I tell her that there’s a really cool ball coming up later that night and that maybe I could see her there? By this point it’s obvious I’m flirting with her, so if she was straight she’d be able to decline, but she says yeah so I’m super excited and meet back outside with JC, who’s super excited for me and tells me what a good job I did flirting and everything. Then, later that night, the ball comes and JC got me a pretty pink dress that fits me nicely and kind of shows my figure. I’m so grateful to her but she’s just like, ‘go find that girl, I’ll try and find myself a prince!’ and nudges me towards the redhead. (I remember I’d gotten her name at the tourist shop place but I forget what it was. In the dream I knew tho). I find her on the dance floor and her hair is done in an elegant bun, with little strands coming down on either side, she’s wearing a yellow dress and looks really nice. I start dancing with her, and I even do the thing where I throw her in the air when everyone else does (somehow, I guess I was stronger in the dream lol) and when it’s time for slow dancing, I remember her and I talking. She was like, ‘listen, I know you’re into me, but you do realize that I’m a girl, right?’ I laugh and say ‘yes, and I’m a girl too.’ Then after a bit she says ‘is that even possible?’ and I say ‘people have been like this since the beginning of time, even animals in nature are like this. It’s just modern idiots who frown upon it.’ Then after a bit of silence I take her hand and say ‘let’s go somewhere private,’ and she comes with me. We find a bedroom and I go in and lock the door and she’s like ‘listen, I really don’t know if I can have sex with you,’ and I laugh and say ‘well we don’t have to have sex. Just pretend that this is normal and that I’m not a girl, that we’re just US, what would you do then?’ and she bites her lip and says ‘well, I’d want to get to know you better.’ And then we start talking, just about a bunch of stuff. After like an hour we’re both sitting on the bed, and I realize that maybe she’s not a lesbian, maybe she’s just confused, so I say ‘listen, this was really great, but you seem kind of confused about who you are, and I don’t want to take advantage of that. If you do find out, though, please- let me know.’ I get up and start to walk out of the door but she says ‘wait, how do I know if I like girls, though?’ and I kind of just smile sadly and say ‘well, think about what you really want, deep down. Don’t think about what other people would think, or what other people want. Think about what YOU want. You might have even though that what you felt was something else- confused attraction for jealousy, maybe. I don’t know. But just think about what you really want with girls and guys and you’ll know.’ I grab the door handle and she says ‘but what if I need help to know?’ and I just kind of hover there and I’m like, ‘I don’t think I can help you. This is something you need to figure out on your own.’ Then she gets up from the bed and I turn around and look at her sadly, we’re standing in front of each other and we’re kind of close. I remember thinking she was really pretty. She whispers ‘what I want...’ and then (Yep. You guessed it) she kissed me. After she pulls away we’re both breathless, I close the door with one hand and she whispers ‘that was really nice’ and I laugh and say ‘yeah’ and we kiss again. Then I wake up. Unfortunately.