Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

The marching band was getting ready to go to wherever it was we would have our Christmas parade. Everyone was getting these bizzare things together to wear for the holiday, though not many were Christmas related. Someone had a big wreath type thing decorated with round ornaments that they were going to wear for the parade. I had several hundred Mardi Gras beads over both of my arms. Some of the necklaces were made up of giant dice and silly things like that. When I looked down at my arm again the beads were gone and my friend Saren was giving me a tattoo, and in my dream it looked like an American flag. It was really a bunch of lines and dots and a black square. The tattoo was on the inside of my left upper arm. Saren didn't get to finish the tattoo before our band director called us to get on our buses. She told me she would finish it later. My arm tingled in the rest of my dream where the tattoo was. I cant remember the rest of the dream though.