Green Arrow Safehouse

Date: 7/15/2017

By SHeesch26

Tanner H and I live on the first floor of this safe house in the middle of town, pretty low-key since we're quiet in a quaint neighborhood. I walk from my "room" to the back room (where my things are) and Tanner's room is attached that room so I shut his door since I'm gonna watch TV on my laptop that's just hanging out in a chair with some random station on. I decide I want to go upstairs so I flash-forward and I'm in this relatively empty attic. I descend down the staircase (located in the middle of the room) and peak out the window, with John Diggle behind me. A blacked out Crown Victoria is parked just outside (which was bad, thats the vehicle of the people looking for us). John yells, MOVE and we all assume positions throughout the house. I'm behind the stairs in the attic with Diggle also nearby. The bad guys press their way upstairs and we had cornered (in the meantime, somehow the entire roof came off) so I take off out of our trapped corner, move passed one enemy, grabbed hold of another one, blinded him (with a sock?), and started kicking his ass. I must've mentioned Jack H-D and the bad guy said "you have found my one weakness...Jack" (he and Jack must've been close). The rest of the bad guys had been cleared out too but Diggle was wounded, although we were all alive and well enough. An eerie feeling persisted so I round a corner and punch this standing, plastic body bag assuming there's a bad guy in it. Paul B takes it off and says he's glad we found him. Paul then gathers us and says, "you guys are all gonna want to come here" so we all make a circle as he's gonna restore the house (magically?). Oliver, for whatever reason, took a helicopter and flew off... and ending my dream