Sex Ed With Jefferey Star

Date: 5/31/2019

By AnnieWin02

I had a dream that Megan and I were in a sex Ed class together outside on this pathway way out in the country and there were desks and a hut with a window where our teacher (Jeffrey Star) would teach. We were supposed to do a dance showcasing the animal reproduction (which Megan did a really good job of making a remix for (I asked what app she used thinking that I would have to download it but she ignored me in the dream)) but no one else did so Megan and I just did random stuff. Aubin and another person were in a head brace (for braces) (questioned) At some point I tried to call a friend w my VPN on and it worked (was very significant to the dream) Learned Sex Ed about Alligators, Humans, and several other animals. Were supposed to use the Sex Ed props in presentation but no one else did so Meg and I didn't.