Meeting my idle, Dr Michael Greger!

Date: 8/11/2017

By BeastFromTheEast

So most people's idles are like celebrities or musicians but mine is a doctor, the best doctor on earth, Dr Greger. He is an actual superhero and is saving not only thousands of people's lives each year, but is changing the world. He's a real life superhero not even Spider-Man can save that many people. I was lucid and just imagined him being behind me, and he was! I was super excited. I tried to talk to him but he was super busy and couldn't talk and had to give a presentation. After it was over I found him again. We were at some place and he was behind a bar desk, although we weren't in a bar. I asked him something like "what is the number one cause of death and how can we prevent it" or something. And then he started giving a big long answer but it was actaully gibberish and made no sense. His hair started growing and changing while he was talking to me as well which was so bizarre. His hair started looking more and more like Jerry Scienfeld's hair, which I guess must be because he sounds almost exactly like him LOL 😂. But yeah his answer was just gibberish, Which made me sad. In my lucid dream I wanted to see if what he said was true after I woke up but yeah it was all just random words. If anyone is interested in him he has a YouTube channel called and watch the video why doctors don't recommend a vegan diet: dr Michael greger part 1