Vegan almost eats burger? 🍔 River freezes over instantly.

Date: 8/3/2017

By BeastFromTheEast

So my great uncle has a cottage on a beautiful river. He has a dock with a boat 🚣 and the river is about 200ft wide and its inbetween mountains. There's islands with forest 🌳 on them. It's seriously looks like a desktop wallpaper. I was there recently and we had a big barbecue. Anyway had a dream I was there with him and my 10year old cousin. They were cooking burgers 🍔 but since I'm vegan I couldn't have any. (This actually happened in real life but I brought veggie burgers and it was all good). But in the dream I tried to hide that I was vegan and almost ate a burger for social sake. (Would never be caught dead 💀 irl). But then I looked at the river and it was flowing faster and faster. Also it was flowing the opposite way it actually does irl. The water was moving about 50mph. Then the entire river and area around it froze. There was snow and thick ice everywhere and there were huge waterfalls now about 50ft high and ice ice ice. Then the location of the river teleported to a few ft in front of old high school in the 🌲 🌲 s. it's funny because in real life where it teleported too. There's only a 100x100area of trees.i think there's more but that's all I remember as of now. Hopefully I can have some more lucid dreams soon