prem Random day in the future.

Date: 4/19/2017

By MyBoredom

Fractured my finger in a door(didn't really feel a sec later I was pretty cross faded),broken liqueur bottles(cognac)in a corner of the room on a higher elevation of the floor,walked through a shop w/Kate(kept telling me to put my shirt on),a park or recreational event,bookcase falls backawrds from me climbing on it I kick the wall behind me & pull up as it rights itself to the higher floor I was feelin myself & went up there to look st somethin,some Asian kid w/ a pikachu doll was just there. Then it goes to a diff. scenery. In a war w/a random ass militia,I'm stuck w/an M14 carbine from fucking WW2(bolt-action single shot -.-) & 1 bullet(I don't try to reload for some reason,I figure that's it..or a jam) I'm at their fortification(concrete that's been blown to swiss cheese)...disoriented,almost run right into a spit of flamethrower flame,dropped in the tall grass then i get flanked through an opening i just passed(inacessable at the time due to explosions) the guy behind through the hole in the wall kills me(I think,if not fatally wounded) & he had a current MP5 ('-.-') Then I halfway was back at the park & regaining consciousnesses at the same time.