House Falling Apart

Date: 7/13/2017

By CaseyKitten

Papa's house was coming apart at the seams of the rooms. Nobody would fix it. Papa asked me to make him dinner, and I put on a piece of country ham to brown and it made a lot of moisture in the pan, but I still put the bread w butter in the pan to fry and it made the bread soggy. I took the soggy bread out and put it in a separate pan and added tomato and ham. I had several rows of carrots planted right in front of the front porch, and they were growing outside of the ground and bunnies were eating them. At first I was happy there was bunnies, but then I realized what they were up to and told them to beat it. Then I saw a guy take mail out of the mailbox and he was looking at our Victoria's Secret catalogues. Then I dreamed about a girl and guy trying to be roommates, and they were fine and then they both started to be petty and stopped getting along. Then I dreamed I was shot twice accidentally, and went to the pharmacy w my friend Teresa to get some supplies for my wounds. I got the typical stuff, but the pharmacy tech also recommended I get this leave in conditioner to pack down in the wounds. I saw Eddie and Austin at the drug store and rolled my eyes and turned on my heel and went on about my business. He was like: you really don't care about me anymore, do you? And I'm like nope. Then Teresa starts telling the clerk this tall tale of how/ why/ who shot me, and they asked who it was and she made up a name and the guy said he knew the person. I just wanted to leave.