Robbies death

Date: 3/9/2017

By Molly15

today Robbie died again. currently this is one of the many nightmares I've been having and nothing will stop it I'm sat in my living room at my old house there's a can of larger in my hand and I'm sat in my old fave chair when suddenly from the kitchen my mum screams "you effing basterd how can you fail her again" and again like so many times before mum and dad start screaming at each other suddenly Robbie comes in he sits next to me and says it's gonna be alright then suddenly I'm in my house and my phone is going crazy but my ringtone is diffrent it keeps going bad news do not pick up bad news do not pick up. obviously I pick up anyways "hello" I say into the phone and then it's Robbies voice. I'm gone mo I can't come back and I know what he means "good luck" He whispers and the phone switches of in my hand suddenly these shadows surround me they are people I know people who care about me and behind them is Robbie he looks so bright but he dosnt smile he just stands there he looks disappointed. And the I woke up