I'm in the Goes house and I think Sergi's Dead

Date: 8/30/2019

By DaydreamRadio

I'm in a dusty old house that reminds me of where I played tambor in Ferna's basement. Sergi is also Raven in this dream. We going on some kind of adventure exploring a very old city. It's dusty and controlled like the inside of a building with desks with people who check us in and out. A woman shows us a conveyer belt used to capture lost babies by luring them into a cardboard box like a cat. We crack a few jokes and continue to what looks like a fountain or a well in the center of town. Near it, a rectangular pit goes directly underground. We've been walking so far that we're blocks from Atlantida. Sergi, whose personality is now mixed with Rodri, shows me on a map. I think it's time to head back and go to sleep. I can't keep my eyes open. When I wake, I can't find Sergi anywhere. I'm talking to another friend and we check Waze to see if he shows up on the moving dashboard. I see a camera moving but it's not him. I know something is very wrong. I know he's dead. I see his discolored skin and his face looks all puffy and wrong. I'm in disbelief. That can't be him and this can't be happening.