Dead fish and apung toning

Date: 3/19/2017

By jaylawrence

We were preparing for an upcoming event and together with a friend we were gathering fish in the paddy there are several of them, dead fishes, i was collecting the small ones, then onto the big ones but ask my partner to classify the fish that can still be prepared for the feast because it could harm the visitors. i swam further and saw not only fish in the paddies but some toys and stuff too, alma ayson our mun assesor, took bags and items, while i was tempted to get jeans and shirts. the place looks like an abandoned clothing store in the market the cloths were hung and dry. Suddenly young boys came and tried to enter the house to snatch some items too but were prevented by me telling them to pay for 500 for each items. Soon came the real owner of the store, and I told him that nothing was taken. Then in dream transition, I was with little aeta girls asking them to recite a poem or song which they learned in school, one by one they obliged, each one has a different sound and tone at this time i was with mayette my wife. We were in bed with apung toning our lola in patling, she was telling us how lucky she was in marrying apung kadyo her spouse because he had one world revolving, her world. I ask her if she was an aeta descent? She said yes and she ask me to rub his back with a cloth to remove her perspiration. I obliged and afterwhich i ask mayette to give the old woman a 500-peso bill.I told mayette that without the woman we would not be here including her children. Apung toning was very happy when we left, suddenly i was confused if the old lady was apung toning or alejandra castaneda our great great grandmother, i told myself she is a white castillian lady she couldn't be an aeta.