I’m in your house

Date: 8/29/2019

By animosus777

I can’t remember most of the dream but I remember trying to wake up out of it. When I looked at the clock it was three in the morning. I was in my apartment and I was having a hard time getting out of my apartment. And unseen force was keeping me shut in. I couldn’t open the door to leave, I couldn’t open the closet door to grab a coat. I yelled at the entity and it first teased it and said you can’t even really turn my light on and off but then the light turned on and off. I saw in my kitchen where the light to turn on and off a creepy, malicious looking man. He reminds me of Bob from twin peaks in a way. Then I was talking to the entity. I was telling it to leave me alone and it appeared as a young guy. He had a Hammer and I told him to give it to me. He started telling me his story. I’ve vaguely remember something about him saying he had to make a sacrifice of blood for wolves. He was telling me sort of a sad story because he looked upset about the fact he had to do this. I don’t know why he was in my apartment, I can’t help him. But then all of a sudden he looked at me and smiled and I felt of force / entity behind me. It was squeezing me and pulling me tight, I couldn’t breathe. My stomach started hurting and I was losing my breath. I started trying to hit the entity behind me with the hammer but I wasn’t having much luck getting it to release me. When I woke up my stomach was physically hurting I had to catch my breath. I might note that I do not have sleep apnea. I looked at the clock and went back to bed, the dream creeped me out and I was having a hard time getting back to sleep Finally I got back to sleep and I cannot recall the dream this morning but it was like another session of something making me not be able to breathe and pressure on my chest.