Date: 8/24/2017

By MailJunkyRehab

I'm at a party in this big house by ocean, with someone named Koa. I'm looking for something, but I can't quite find it. There are tons of snakes on the ground, but no one notices them. I'm worried that someone will step on one. Koa jokes that they're his spirit animal. I leave the party and see that it's freezing outside, and that it looks like the ocean is bringing in a blizzard. Everyone tells me its getting warmer. I try to walk away from the house, but the breeze is so strong I keep getting blown away toward the ocean. I finally make my way over, and I notice that that there are cats everywhere. Really cute, small cats. I pet some, and pick a colorful one up for a bit. Then I head home. I talk to my mom about something, go on a walk, and suddenly get unbearably sad. I call Cole, because I think that it would be better to have some company. I hug him hello, but then while I'm hugging him I start crying. He tells me that its going to be okay, then invites me into his house to read The Great Gatsby, with him and his brother. So I read it with them for a couple chapters, and use the bathroom, and then leave. On the way home I run into my Dad and get into a fight with him. A physical fight. I run away into into the Forrest. Then I help clean up some medical supplies in the forrest, because that's my job. I befriend a group of native american women, and then start driving recklessly on the highway. There is eventually too much traffic to drive recklessly, so the truck behind me gets frusterated at me for driving slow, and tries to crash into me even though I'm on a motercycle. I Don't remember if he does, but the next thing I remember I'm in this huge hospital. I find there are demoms in disguise everywhere. Some are good, some are bad. I make friends with one who's disguised as a worker. He moves as fast and the wind blows, and his job is to protect peoples hearts in the hospital. He starts out in the baby section, abd blesses any that show signs of trouble. Then he fights off death demons from taking anyone old or injured. He insists on me going with him, because he's worried some of the demons are after me. He finds out they are, and that they're very very powerful. He gets, injured fighting one off, and decides to put me in a humongous pool full of magical water creatures that could protect me. The evil creatures plan on stealing my heart, but I quickly befriend an orca with human intelligence. She might be able to protect me. I'm not sure. I wake up.