The Immortality and Death of Everything

Date: 3/6/2017

By Fitful

I am home, in a grandparents home. It is kinda dark, like those old houses with wood paneling are. I am often in my room but I have been thinking lately about wanting to lose weight. I walk out into the living room, and am shocked to find 5 exercise machines in a little section of the living room right in front of the front door. There is a Chinese man waiting to be seen by my grandmother for business. I get excited and eager to work out. I ask him about the machines. He says they all work. I think he might have been using one, but every time I see him he is in a business suit so I don't know for sure. I do realize they all work, turn on, and are ready to go. I suddenly have my work out things and I go to use one of the one closest to the door. But I find the Chinese man had a heart attack. His dead body is lying between the front door and the exercise machines. One of the machines is knocked over, I notice that first, then the dead Chinese man. Outside the front door, a large group of past friends show up, on a joy ride in a car. They all look like teenagers even tho lots of time has passed. All of them are there, all my old friends. They break off into a group of four to come say hi, an awkward hi which is more out of courtesy since someone died than anything else. The redhead for some reason is crazy attractive to me. I can't figure out why. Then she comes to the door, her and three friends, and signals the car to leave. She wants to make sure I am okay. She heads to the fridge once in the house. I can't look at the dead body, we all try not to. I have never seen a dead body before this, I think this often in shock and it just turns our stomachs to even look at for some reason, like a dizzy spinning. In the fridge she sees a large chocolate bar made up of images of the Chinese man's head, apparently my grandmother makes them. They also produce the same feeling as looking at the dead man. I grab 4 bags of liquid chocolate and we all retire to the bedroom to lounge on the bed and chat. Now it is only the redhead and another girl. The redhead whines about finding true love. She talks about how she finds men more attractive to make a commitment to, but girls more likely to make it, and men more of suckers to string along because she could never see herself committing. The other girl lounging with us tells her she's fucked up. I agree. She herself agrees, and finds it funny. I find myself stroking her hair, it's in a hair net for some reason, but I can see it, and feel it through the knit and its soft. I remember the color. I feel such love well up it's overwhelming and I realize I had forgotten how much I loved her. And just a while in her presence made me remember it. I didn't do any thing with that knowledge. I just sat there marveling time had done nothing to diminish it. We are visiting another house, a log cabin, with a mutual friend. Actually he's my brother. And he's black. And he just got dumped by the redhead. It was a casual dumping of a casual relationship and he is happy and doesn't much care. Most of the dream we don't see him as himself because he is robbing the house and has magic spells cast on himself to do it. The robbing takes a while, he can take months to rob a single house. He has spells put in, a "button" installed, which makes him shrink. Another "button" to cover him in gold. More magic to make him a horse statue. He masquerades as a statue for months carefully removing things of value in order to recoup his losses. He lectures us for a bit as he demonstrates his change from man into small gold horse figure. That he had to at least recoup the money he spent on the spells and equipment. The spells each cost a fortune. When his transformation is complete he looks like a small gold rearing horse, but when you turn it, he also looks like a log cabin. Me and the redhead lounge on the bed watching TV. I get mad at a TV show which doesn't have good Asian representation. Apparently it's the future and still there are only two Asians on the whole show. I get mad and want to protest, I tell the redhead it's because I have an Asian friend I want to protect. I mean her, of course, and suddenly she is Asian and black, instead of a redhead. She blushes with pleasure at my activism, but mostly because it's an indirect compliment. I am not there but the redhead and my brother have a conversation. He is fully human and unpainted during it. She expresses a romantic interest in me. He says she had me for 8 month and didn't want me, now suddenly it doesn't work with him and she wants me now. She says yes, she sees something different in me now. My brother and I have a conversation on the bed. Curiously the whole time we are in the log cabin the owner is there, and we never run into him. Anyway my brother and I end up discussing my father. We both are impressed with how intimidating he is. Apparently this is his house and he still lives here. Even though I think he was dead before. A bit later the girl is back to her redheaded self. We are lounging on the bed. I am eating the last of the chocolate liquid bags. I have a third in two bags left. I am considering eating it or covering my feet in it. The redhead asks me for the rest and I am reluctant to give it to her. I tell her I was intending to cover my feet in the left over chocolate. She offers to buy me regular cheap chocolate to cover my feet in. I think about that but it wouldn't be the same. I haven't decided to eat it or cover my feet. I feel reluctant to give it too her however.