Trip through Italy and dating Mitchell

Date: 5/31/2017

By sophius_black

I was on a trip through Italy with sarah Rachel mom dad maddie myself hanna and Mitchell. We were traveling through all these crazy places. The first night we stayed in this interesting hotel but hanna had some weird thing going with the room maid person. Mitchell and I were dating and we cuddled for a bit when he said goodnight I think (were going on our first kinda not really a date date today in rl). That same maid traveled with us to the next place. We had to go through 2 cities. One was peaceful but they weren't fond of Americans and the there was war torn and dangerous. I planned on just sleeping through that ride. The first city was amazing. For a moment I saw it in the perspective of someone making a helpful tutorial video on how they take photos. Then back to me. The people looked African and they walked on little stilt things. We had to create a fake mayor in case they tried to shoot up our car or something.