Stray cats, spying bird robots and the 4th dimension

Date: 5/5/2022

By Purple

In my dream, there were several stray cats who did not trust humans at all. There were a few of us who tried to gather them all together into a larger cage. But as soon as we got one bunch gathered, some of those locked up cats found a way to get loose and escape again. This frustrating capture/escape kept recurring and was a test on everyone’s patience. The cats ranged in age from kitten hood to adults. The area itself seemed relatively small as the cats didn’t run too far away, but just enough to be out of reach. Scene changed. Or maybe this was a different dream. There were two colorful birds on perches. Maybe their wings were clipped, as they didn’t try to fly away. Something seemed peculiar about them. They were outside a private home, in an area which seemed to be on one side of the house, so not in the front or the back. The birds seemed to follow my path with their gaze. Though they had two eyes, one eye in each bird seemed “off” or somehow different. It would be odd if this was just one bird, but it was the case with both birds. I did some experimenting with watching where their gaze went. I then realized these weren’t actual birds, but robotic spy birds with both eyes as a decoy, but one eye was better disguised than the other. It dawned on me that the eye which seemed to be “off” was a camera. Were the birds’ gazes programmed to follow my movements or were they being maneuvered by a human? Scene changed again… There were aliens who visited the home. At first it was just one alien. But it tried to fit in by looking as human as possible. This alien didn’t fool me. I don’t know which particular feature (or many features) that seemed strange, but I wasn’t buying it that this was a human. The alien was in cahoots with the robot spy birds. (They had something to do with one another, but now that I’m writing the dream down more than half a day later, I don’t recall what the connection was.) Whoever I was with in the dream, also knew the mock human was an imposter. Then a few more aliens showed up, maybe 2-4 more. Shortly after, we were in the company of perhaps 20 aliens. They all had different body types, faces, clothing and hair. In that respect, they were like humans. But their faces and bodies were clearly not of this planet. They appeared to be there to carry a message to us. Not me and my companions, but to earth as a whole. They were trying to explain that the earth was not as we knew or understood it to be. While we believe the earth to be round, the aliens were trying to show us that there was a different dimension than the one we are seeing and believe we are seeing. They were showing, by example of the planes flying overhead, that once the planes appeared to be flying out of our sight, they returned once more from the other side of the sky. Yet the plane was now in a different dimension than when its flight first took off. The plane, once it reappeared, was in the 4th dimension. Something made that plane become super sonic when it traveled between our dimension and the next. I believed the aliens then. Even though I didn’t understand the science behind their explanation, I believed that there were other dimensions within this planet that not everyone knows about…and that there are other dimensions outside of this planet, solar system and galaxy. Dream ends.