Dog bidding fear

Date: 2/3/2017

By katie1342r

Woke up on a couch outside on my old front porch. It was light out, maybe dusk or dawn. Got up to go inside but as I opened the door there was a sense of fear and panic as I "heard" something move in the pitch dark. I yell for my mom to wake up and she doesn't at first, she mumbles and continues to sleep. I yell again and find a light switch. She wakes up and I grab a green dolphin statue and explain to her that it was moving and that the house must be haunted or someone was in the house. This puts her on alert. Suddenly we are in my current bedroom but there is junk piled almost to the ceiling ( my room is very clean in real life). My current dog is there along with my dog who passed away two years ago and my grandmothers dog. My mom is still on alert for anyone or anything that may be in the house. Suddenly there's a light coming from under the attic door attached to my bedroom. My mom goes to check it out but I'm telling her to wait while I turn some lights on. She goes into the attic and asks me "have you seen my bat?" I tell her no but she returns with a wooden bat. For some reason I knew she meant a metal bat though. I get the lights on and she's looking through the piles of junk in my room and finds a pool stick to use to defend herself rather than the bat she previously had. She goes back into the attic and the lights go back out as I follow her. I frantically try to turn them back on. Suddenly they are back on but there is water in the attic and my bedroom up to my waist. I panic when I think about the dogs as my dog who had passed and my grandmothers dog are both chihuahuas. My current dog is a golden retriever so I am not as concerned as she can swim well. I go back into my bedroom and search for the dogs but can't find any of them. The water drains and there are kittens and cats under my bed along with mice. I wonder why the cats weren't eating the mice. The scene changes and I am outside with a group of people looking into a fenced in area that holds a bunch of dogs. I ask when we can get them out and someone replies "we have to bid for them because there is no way to know whose is whose" I highly dislike the idea of this and panic at the thought of someone possibly bidding on my dogs and taking them from me. I look in the fenced in area again and spot my current dog Nala. I call for her and she comes to the fence, I hear some of the people around me start to say her name and panic again as I know the my dog is very friendly to anyone who knows her name, meaning she could go to them and they could lie and say she is theirs. I then spot the other two dogs in the back but I don't call their names. They open the fence and are letting the dogs out. I grab Nala by the collar and have her sit as she was excited and hyper and I felt I needed to calm her. A lady behind me calls for her and Nala becomes excited again but doesn't move as she knows I have not allowed her to go yet. I look at the lady and say "this is my dog." To which she replies "not for long." This infuriates me so I have Nala follow me into the fenced in area to retrieve the other two dogs. I pick them both up and take all three dogs back outside and wait for them to begin bidding. I hear Nalas name and bid, then I hear someone bid higher and I say "I will top everything anyone bids" so I ensure I am able to keep her. Then I wake up. The dream was over all very strange but left a sense of anxiety and panic throughout the entire duration of the dream.