Murder scene

Date: 7/5/2019

By Neverbeast

I dreamt we were in a Jurassic park esq situation, I went to the bathroom and a lady there tried to sexually assault me so I outed (?) Her. I later escaped with two people I didnt know but I felt like I cared for deeply, the woman was around my age she kinda looked like Beatrice from The Rain, not in face precisely but mostly in her intense look and calming presence, the other man I cant remember exactly but he was a taller than me at one point we held hands and I relished in the feeling of his long rough fingers around my smaller hands. The only reason I remember what they look like is because of their shocked expressions when I later told them the news of finding my other friends corpse. After we fled I noticed that my third friend, Johana wasnt going to continue with us and wanted to go alone, I got a bad feeling by leaving her alone and tried to follow behind her with my male friend calling out to me as I ran after Johana. I turned a corner into a small dirt path with weeds and such which led to another corner leading directly to a picket or steel fence but lying there on her back her head slightly inclined was my friend a path of blood so delicate and thin it looked more like a string connected from the very center of her head to the fence behind her, where I was sure the murderer had bashed her head against, it kinda had webbing similar to the red roots from War of the Worlds. When I looked down at her again she was no longer there, but a doll lay in her place, in my hands. It had a horizontal oval shaped head disproportionate to her tiny body, it was creepy as hell, her two oval eyes were missing as well, revealing the hollow inside of the doll, she had a red dress and her hair was much like Johana's, neatly cut bangs with dry thick strands of hair, but hers was more sparcely placed as if it were balding and it was a faded brown, resembling hay rather than her black hair, white plastic, it had the cultural aspects of Chinese culture, small pointed red lips, white skin it something about it just reminded me of Chinese culture. I turned back around from whence I came to tell my friend and (more than friend?) that I had failed to save Johana, hence the shocked expressions I talked about before, I felt deeply saddened, ashamed but most of all afraid I was pretty sure we were next on the murderer's list. I think it was at this point that I had the hand holding moment with the boy, at moments he had a black shirt but at other plaid? At first he was TALL with brown hair looking like smth between Intk the spiderverse's Peter Parker and Jared padalecki, but that only lasted a second at the beginning, where at the end of the dream he was a boy about my age with black hair, maybe he and the other girl were siblings now that I think about it. But anyways, I dont think I want my friend walking home alone anymore.