Weird dancing, lady getting shot, can’t think of a title that sums everything up.

Date: 9/8/2019

By evp722

So I only remember a few parts of this dream. And it’s really random and doesn’t have a set storyline. I’m walking in an area with this tall kid in my class. The area has a concrete building on one side, a large clearing with patchy grass, and some trees on the other. There was a flash image of an old lady standing on a rock (in the area we were in) and another person behind her holding a gun. Well anyway this kid and I were talking about something I remember vaguely. He was telling me how to set something up on my phone because apparently one of my settings was wrong and could be dangerous so I had to switch some button to fix it? Then he showed me this weird dance move: it was like putting your arms out in front of you at your hips and shaking them side to side. Well I did the dance and said some swear. The kid I was walking with was impressed by this. Another random kid was there and said “this girl is wild!” I then said “actually I’m a pretty chill and calm person.” Then we climbed into a car. Another flash image came, and it was the same as the other one: an old lady with someone holding up a gun a few feet from her. I am then in the backseat of my car with my dad driving, and I think the other kids were gone. Then there was a final flash image, and it showed the trigger being pulled and the lady getting shot in the back of her head. Don’t remember details. My dad proceeded to drive right into a tree, but we didn’t fully crash. He knocked his head back, and I was afraid it he did that either because of the impact or because he got shot. But he quickly stabilized and said he was only mimicking the old lady getting shot, so apparently he saw her get shot too. But why did he have to crash into a tree though? And why the hell did an old lady just randomly get shot? And why do I have so many dreams about old people getting hurt?