Demi Plaras mad and her dad hates me

Date: 5/4/2019

By levinelover

Demi Plaras, a few female friends of mine and I were kind going hiking. We were walking uphill on pavement next to trees. After our hike we met Demi’s dad on the parking lot and walked with him to her car. The girls were all talking and me and Demi’s dad ended up walking kinda to the side, so I started conversation with him. I forgot what I was saying but I accidentally swore and immediately regretted that it slip out! I continued trying to talk to him but he was quiet. I was anxious to add Demi on Snapchat, I really wanted to get closer with her, but it didn’t feel like the right time so I didn’t. I was in a group Facebook chat with Demi and the girls and Demi called me out in the chat, saying that her dad now hates her friends and especially me cause I was disrespectful and couldn’t filter my mouth around him. I apologized and said I really didn’t mean to upset him, regret it and would work on being much more respectful. Steph said she was impressed that I wanted to be more respectful. Later I was at promanade mall with my girls and I don’t think Demi was there. We were passing by Claire’s and there’s this older woman who’s my friends I have on Snapchat who works there named Hailey. She was there, and I went in to go quickly say hi to her, my friends waited for me outside the store. Hailey was happy to see me again for the first time in a year, for a whole year she’d only seen me on Snapchat and felt closer to me cause of Snapchat. Hailey gave me a free mirror. I said thank you and that I had to go meet my friends so I told her thank you, it was great to see her again, and I had to run off! As I left the store and started walking with my friends Hailey yelled after me asking what size I was on clothing. I figured she wanted to surprise me next time with some new sweater or something, so I yelled “extra small” in the direction of the store as I waked off with my friends.