lost again

Date: 10/3/2017

By rembrandt

I keep getting lost in my dreams, and it keeps waking me up. This one I was in a dystopian future in Paris. I was trying to first escape from this complex of sorts where they took people who disobeyed or acted out of order and put them in a machine to remove their creativity. My mom and I were trying to run away, but we were acting discreetly and she told me to leave without her. Then I was I was wandering in Paris, looking for the metro to get back home. I asked someone on the street who looked a lot like Tori. She pointed me in the right direction and I ran down the street. I ended up in an uber that took me to the station but he dropped me off at an entrance that was close, so I had to walk over to an open one. Once inside it was a mess to find the actual terminal where the trains came. I asked another girl who looked a lot like Amanda where the gate was and she pointed me towards a hallway, covered with weird wallpaper. I ran down eventually got to this door and went inside, there was then an upstairs and downstairs divergence, I picked upstairs first and it was wrong. So I ran back downstairs, this time being followed by someone else who was trying to get to the train too. I finally make it to the train station and run without thinking into the first train that departs. It was the wrong train. And it seemed like forever until it made it’s first stop, I was scared. Then I woke up.