Forced into weird cult that causes school lockdown

Date: 9/28/2019

By heruined_my_memejournal

I was at school but it was a way fancier version of my school tbh, anyway I was in ms. Peña’s class and then we went on lockdown without being told why. I was super afraid and then these students from another school, I think one might have been Andy lol, come in dressed in white and force us to join their organization. They were the reason for the lockdown. I think they used weapons to force us in. From that point on, everything was policed. My thoughts, my words, my phone was totally monitored. Basically you can’t think or say anything bad about the cult or do anything against the rules. But I was going crazy rebelling against everything trying to make them kick me out I guess? I knew at the back of my mind they’d probably just punish me for what I had done and not set me free that easy, but even worse? They acted as if they didn’t notice. They didn’t give my actions any power whatsoever, so I continued to have my thoughts monitored and see the rest of my community brainwashed while I shouted into the void, rebelling against a leader who wasn’t affected at all, and didn’t let me go. I might have had an advocate somewhere, but I don’t remember who or when. It was pretty disturbing to experience.