A really freaky nightmare Pt 1

Date: 7/27/2019

By Juniwhale

I was being harassed by two boys in my high school. They came to my house in the night and destroyed my home. I lived with just my boyfriend. I had a black dodge truck. So here’s how it went My boyfriend went to work at 5pm right as I got off work. I come home (which is a mansion style house) and two frat looking boys are there. So wait😧 Let me explain why they were there. So it goes back to the previous dream that night. I was at school. For some reason i was in a swim class. Everybody changed into their bathing suits and went to the pool. I stayed behind and wanted to change into a weird thick life jacket one piece bathing suit. So I’m changing kinda in the open behind a fence- and I’m also trying to wear other things under the thick suit. But I literally take so long and I keep undressing and people walk by and notice me and laugh. okay read pt 2!