Par-abnormal Activity

Date: 6/29/2017

By drunchee

I'm at Marcos's house but it's not considered his house. It's actually Allison's house. Allison was not in my dream, but Allison's Mom was. Anyhow; I'm walking around and I go inside a room that Derek and Alex are in. I guess a lot of my classmates were here at "Allison's" house for some sort of sleep over. Mostly dudes. Once I leave the room, I notice the door closes without me touching it. Later I go back into their room. And as I approach the door, it completely swings open without me even touching it. I get spooked hardcore and assume there's a ghost. (Perhaps the Real Figure????) I go to Mrs Foos and sit down on the floor. Instead of telling HER about the ghost, I tell her sentient chairs and tables. I guess her furniture was living and that was just A normal fact. I tell the furniture my story, and they shift their selves to listen more. Mrs Foos also listens. She says it might be a ghost, and apparently there's another ghost that's semi peaceful, that has lived in the house for awhile. I hate ghosts.