Ex on new years

Date: 1/29/2017

By planetlainy

So my ex invited me over for new years party and for some reason he was living in my old house in the basement. i decided to with my friend carolyn and my mom. getting there, they were welcoming but it was so awkward. i sat in the back on the couch and he kept staring at me. he came to sit between me and carolyn and we made little conversation. and then i went through his computer to the day we broke up and he had all of these creepy stalkers photos of me which was weird. He also had pictures of other girls on there (which is like real life, we broke up because he was talking to other girls behind my back lol) But he decided to take the laptop and i closed out of it really quick. he then showed me pictures of his new friends (in reality he barely has any it's funny) and then i decided to just leave, we all got up and just left. heading back upstairs, i'm back in my house. it was weird