Gerard Way.

Date: 8/14/2017

By Stitches

All I can really remember is maybe coming home from school, and an image of what my school looked like stuck in my head. It looked basically the same but blue and white. Anyway, I walked into my house to find it seemed twice as big on the inside and the colors were a but different, but I can't remember them. I walked to my room, entering through a door in my tiny closet, and started up a conversation with someone I couldn't see yet. But their voice sounded familiar. "So yeah, I essentially got the ass and legs of a spider." They said. I was done doing whatever in the closet and came out the other side into my bedroom, where Gerard heckin Way was sitting in my bungee chair right next to where I came out the closet, with his messy black hair and "iconic" red eye makeup. It looked like he was playing Xbox on the TV I didn't know I had. I agreed with his statement. "But I know at least three of my legs are made out of fruit." And that was where I got confused. I made an exhagerated weirded out face at him and he chuckled and looked away. Then I explained why I believed I was part spider too. "Yeah, I must've gotten the ass of a black widow because it's annoyingly big and I get fuckin embarrassed whenever I'm close to knowing something over.