Alien Invasion but Not Quite and I Save Someone

Date: 9/11/2019

By dmarks563

So basically I’m looking from on top of a big hill at a bunch of spaceships that are flying above a city, roughly the shape of a horseshoe crab. I’m there with other people, but I forget who they are. Anyways, I know that in one of the ships are two people, not aliens, one of them being, I think, Dr Morrison flying the ship, and then someone else. Anyways, the ship bursts into flame and starts to drop to the ground. Next thing I remember, I’m at the seen of the crash, and there is an oddly small amount of wreckage (in reflection), with some flames here and there. There is a large metal plate that I somehow know is in top of somebody, and I assume it is Dr Morrison, and full the plate up to find that it’s Abby Smith; I remember being surprised in the dream, which is unusual. Generally I just accept what happens, but anyways I check to see if abby is alive with a pulse check or something like that and she is! The exclamation mark coming because in the dream I recall being somewhat euphoric, so much so that I hug her on the ground, although dream self wasn’t thinking, and she winces and groans slightly because she is burnt rather badly by the fire. I scream at the people who were around me-I don’t remember who-to get ice cold water and a washcloth, and I proceed to ice put the washcloth on her back. Now that I think about it, I’m roughly at the corner of my driveway when this happens, which makes no sense, but what dreams do. Something I remember distinctively is the child like excitement that I feel before I hug her, something I presume I learned from the character of Gon, or the image of someone being happy someone else is alive and then hugging them and them groaning; it’s oddly cliche and common. Also, the screaming at the people to go get ice cold water and a washcloth makes me feel powerful and in control, not to mention heroic. I wake up shortly after, able to recall what happened oddly well, and depressed as always at how I actually am, non heroic, self seeking, not innocent or pure, unlike the image of the Gon-like self I procured, and like I’m a nobody. I don’t feel that way right now of course, but at the time I got whiplash from the change in reality.