Date: 5/4/2017

By wanda1316

Someone spread a rumor that I was pregnant. It had been going on for weeks. Then a girl who used to be one of my "friends" posted fake pictures of me with a baby on Facebook and tagged me. I confronted her and asked politely, "would you happen to know who started this rumor about me or if you did? I figured you would know since you shared these pictures." She got defensive and said "they're just pictures, they don't mean anything." I said, "I'm not accusing you and I'm not angry, I would just like to know who said it. Can you help me?" Finally she admitted that it was someone's idea named "Tate" I think. She and four other girls were bored and wanted to make up a rumor, and it was Tate's idea to make it about me. I told her I don't know Tate, and she said Tate knew me when I was 14 and didn't like me. I asked why. She described a birthday party I attended at 14 and described in detail how annoying I was. It started to become familiar. She said I was greeting guests, walking around by myself singing, acting stupid, and kept getting locked out of the cabin where we were staying and needed everyone to open the door for me. Basically it sounded like I was desperate for attention. I was embarrassed, but I reminded her that was a long time ago. I thanked her for admitting it to me.