Pakistani Transgender Dog

Date: 8/17/2017

By morgenh_

So I was with my friend (Lauren) and we were cycling down a hill and my tyre sort of exploded and evaporated into the ground. So then a limo pulled up and it was a transgender , the first in Pakistan to be exact (I can't remember if they were MTF or FTM) So then me and my friend got into the car but it took multiple attempts as we kept on forgetting things like our bikes, my evaporated tire etc. So we finally got into the limo and my friend began to drive us home and I was in the back seat with the trans person. Then they transformed into a dog. It was a small brown one. I then began to panic as I didn't know how we were going to keep the dog. So I quickly carried the dog to the bottom of my back garden without any of my family members seeing then it dug a little hole to make my family think it came in through that hole. So then we had a little dog and my whole family loved it. But then it began to talk, but only to me. My sister then found out about this and was just a bit weirded out but didn't really care. Then my dad found out and started fighting with the dog as it was transgender.

AI generated interpretation In analyzing your dream, it's important to note that dreams are highly personal and the meaning may vary from individual to individual. However, I can offer you some possible interpretations based on common dream symbols and psychological perspectives. The dream begins with you and your friend cycling down a hill, which may symbolize a sense of movement and progress in your waking life. However, your tire exploding and evaporating into the ground suggests a sudden disruption or a feeling of losing stability or control. This could represent unforeseen challenges or obstacles that you have encountered recently. The arrival of a transgender person in the limo may symbolize a new and unique perspective or aspect of yourself that you are exploring. This person being the first transgender individual in Pakistan could highlight a desire for acceptance, diversity, or inclusivity. Alternatively, it could represent a marginalized or less understood part of your own identity. The multiple attempts to get into the limo could indicate some difficulties or delays in fully accepting this new aspect of yourself or integrating it into your life. Forgetting things like your bikes and evaporated tire could reflect a sense of distraction or forgetting about the challenges or limitations you faced earlier. It suggests the need to focus or remember previous experiences in order to move forward. The transformation of the transgender person into a small brown dog may symbolize a desire for companionship, loyalty, or unconditional love in your waking life. Dogs are often associated with these qualities. However, your panic about how to keep the dog suggests uncertainty or apprehension about fully embracing this new companion or aspect of yourself. It could reflect a fear of judgment or the challenges that may arise from fully accepting and integrating this part of who you are. Your decision to hide the dog in the back garden suggests a desire to keep this aspect of yourself hidden from your family or others. The dog digging a hole to make it seem like it came through there implies an attempt to create a facade or illusion of how this new aspect of you fits into your life. The dog talking and only communicating with you may represent the need to listen to and trust your own inner voice or intuition when it comes to accepting and embracing this part of yourself. It could also symbolize a sense of responsibility or special connection you feel towards this part of your identity. Finally, your dad's negative reaction and fighting with the dog due to its transgender identity suggests an external conflict or challenge that you may fear or anticipate. It could reflect concerns about acceptance or understanding from others regarding this new aspect of yourself. Overall, this dream seems to reflect a desire for acceptance, fear of judgment, and the challenges of integrating a new and possibly less understood aspect of your identity. It may suggest a need for self-validation and confidence in embracing all parts of who you are, regardless of others' opinions.