Date: 7/23/2017

By AudioVideoDisco

__________________________ « I AM NOT RETARDED, I KNOW! », this is the last thing they ever heard. I had an argument with my parents for something really stupid. I can't even remember it. I just ran away without nothing, not even money nor my phone. I ran away from home immediately after that, I just wanted to be free for once, when I got out I couldn't run. I was scared, I don't want my parents to scream at me for nothing again. I tried to take off my belt but I couldn't. My heartbeat was beating really fast, I was crying. I couldn't breathe. I was underwater and there was blood everywhere, I immediately saw tentacles, I tried to run away from it but the tentacles were too fast. I woke up near my favourite place, the library. I wanted to get in but I needed a pass to get in, I checked my pockets and found money, a pass. I was asking myself a lot of questions, why did a woke up here? Why give me a pass to get in? I hope this is all a dream. I got in, trying to hide from everyone. Never trust anybody. I checked the first floor, nope. The second floor, nope. Third floor, nope. I found out that there was a basement for the movies, I went there. The basement was really small, only 3 rooms and these rooms were really small with a small window to the street. I could see everyone's feet from there. I decided to check some movies, there was also music. After an hour I felt angry and decided to go to the nearest McDonald's. I got up and saw someone looking at me, blond guy, just some Chad. He was not moving at all, just looking at me with his plain eyes. Flipped him off and got away. While walking to the stairs there was this girl, an Asian girl at the next window, a pretty one, looking at me like the chad from the previous window. I just ignored all of this while I suddenly heard someone coming downstairs. It was that chad and that Asian girl. They had a screwdriver, I knew it was bad. I couldn't run. I was angry. There was blood coming downstairs like in The Shining. My heartbeat was beating really fast. I couldn't hear anything, I couldn't move. The only thing I could hear was "Blondie - Call Me". I woke up.