The Murderous Mum

Date: 1/21/2017

By Ella Bella

Me and my dad were walking in the middle of the woods, and I was excited to meet my mum, brothers and sisters. I never met my mum before and it made me nervous. I asked my dad about her before and all he said was that she was different from many people, he didn't seem to be as excited, in fact, he seems to be scared. We made it to a dark, old mansion and there are nine children and nine men at the mansion. My dad basically told me that mum wanted a family reunion. The children are playing with each other, while some of the dads are also playing. Only a few were speaking to the mum, and by this, I could just tell that they don't want to see her. I looked towards the woman and saw a fairly pretty woman who's in her 30's or 40's. My dad told me that when I was born, she made him leave her and she told him to take me, and he also told me that this happened with all the men here. "Inside everyone!" I heard the woman call and everyone ran inside the house. Her tone wasn't too harsh and it wasn't too soft, which was a good sign. I got shown to a giant, grand table and I get seated at the end with my dad on my left. It was clear that I was the oldest child there. Everyone got seated, exept for the mum. She started circling the table with a knife in her hand and she spoke. "We're going to play a game." Her voice is deep and all the children cheer at this while all the men gave a look of fear. She started to ask questions, and eventually a child answered a question, but he sort of insults her. She went up to the boy who is around five and she stabbed him. There wasn't even any emotion in her face. She stabbed the boy again and again. The boys father tried to not cry, because he'll know that something bad will happen to him if he cries. It was clear that the boy is dead but she starts cutting parts of his body off. Blood went everywhere. All the children were my half brothers and sisters, and I have trouble keeping tears in. My mother was killing my brother. She throws the boys body somewhere and starts circling the table again. I look down, not wanting to know what she's going to do next, and I heard her voice whispering to me. I put my hands over my ears, trying to block out her voice of what she'll say and I wait for her presence to leave. A loud, murderous and crazy laugh is heard before he presence leaves the side of me and she leaves to circle the table again. Her knife had red liquid dripping off it and the dads looked at her in fear, trying to watch her every move. Some just look down though, knowing that there's a large chance that they won't get out of this alive. She asked another question and nobody answered, only another boy starts crying. She looks at him and has an evil smirk on her face. I looked down, knowing what will happen. I was close to crying, but I don't cry, knowing the worst. Cries and gasps were heard and I waited for the noises to stop. She started to circle the table again and I wake up.